Cemetery Trustees

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There are four sources of income to maintain town cemeteries:

  • Perpetual Care Trust Fund: The interest transfers to the Maintenance Trust Fund.
  • Maintenance Trust Fund: The money comes from the sale of burial lots, internment fees and interest. Prices have been increased this year. This money is used for capital improvements.
  • Cemetery Budget: Used for yearly maintenance and the Sexton’s salary.
  • Warrant Articles: When there is a major project.

There is ample room in Central Cemetery for expansion, but South Cemetery is filling up. In 2006, through the generosity of a donation by Ed Morrill, .35 of an acres was made available on the east side to expand. We thank Ed Morrill for his generosity.

A town is often judged by the way its cemeteries look and are managed. Please help us to show that we care for and respect the deceased by continuing to provide funds to maintain these places of beauty by voting for the budget, passing the warrant article, and leaving a gift to the Perpetual Care Fund in your will.

Board Members

Name Title
Bernie Honeywell Trustee
Andrew Morrill Sexton
Bill Seppala Trustee