Tax bills have just gone out and you should receive yours by Nov 30th


The tax rate was set by the state at $24.21 per thousand, up from $22.22 last year.  To provide some relief to the taxpayers of New Ipswich, the Board of Selectmen voted to use $350,000 of the Undesignated Fund Balance to reduce the actual rate down to $23.51.

For those who don't know, the tax rate is not set solely by the Town, there are 4 components that the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue uses to set the tax rate.

Municipal - This rate is dependent on the Towns income and budget.  The Town will hold a Budget Hearing on January 10th, at 7:00pm and the Public is encouraged to attend.

County - This is set at the county level

School - This is based on the local schools budget which is separate from the Town's budget.  A schedule of the schools Advisory Budget meetings can be found here:   Keep an eye on the Schools web page for the date for their public Budget Hearing.

Education - This is set at the state level.

Below is a breakdown of the amounts for the 4 components:

                              2022                      2023                      2023
                                                       Set by State             Actual

Municipal             $3.93                       $4.78                     $4.08 

County                 $1.05                       $1.12                     $1.12

School                $15.41                     $17.01                   $17.01

Education            $1.83                       $1.30                     $1.30

TOTAL                                                 $24.21                   $23.51