Planning Board


It shall be the duty of every planning board established under RSA 673:1 (Establishment of Boards) to prepare and amend from time to time a master plan to guide the development of the municipality. A master plan may include consideration of any areas outside the boundaries of the municipality which in the judgment of the planning board bear a relation to or have an impact on the planning of the municipality. Every planning board shall from time to time update and amend the adopted master plan with funds appropriated for that purpose by the local legislative body. In preparing, amending, and updating the master plan:

  • The planning board shall have responsibility for promoting interest in, and understanding of, the master plan of the municipality. In order to promote this interest and understanding, the planning board may publish and distribute copies of the master plan, or copies of any report relating to the master plan, and may employ such other means of publicity and education as it may deem advisable.
  • The planning board shall also have authority to make any investigations, maps and reports, and recommendations which relate to the planning and development of the municipality. More

Board Members

Name Title
Elizabeth Freeman Alternate
Deirdre Daley Chair
John Schaumloffel Alternate
Nate Sikkila Member
Craig Smeeth Member
Lou Guarino Alternate
Timothy Somero Member
Joshua Muhonen Co-Chair
Ray Somero Member