Video Committee

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The Video Committee is responsible for the recording and broadcasting of the Board of Selectmen's meetings. A Videographer attends every selectmen's meeting and records the entire meeting. The resulting video is then used for Broadcasting or Webcasting.

Broadcasts of Board of Selectmen's meetings may be seen on the Comcast Public Access Channel (22).

WebCasts of Board of Selectmen's meetings are available from the Video Library (left) and by clicking on the DVD icon (above) (above).

Webcasts offer on-demand viewing of selectmen's meetings by New Ipswich citizens and interested parties who do not have access to New Ipswich's Public Access Channel (e.g. contractors, engineers, attorneys). It also offers the viewer the ability to view only the portions of the video which may be of interest to them.

Committee Members

Name Title
Ronald Stanley Chair
Becky Doyle