Welcome to the Welfare Department of New Ipswich where we temporarily assist an individual and or family that is having a hardship.

Important Notices

  • You may apply once a month. You will need to submit a new application or intake form and provide all requested documentation and make an appointment.
  • The Welfare Department does not pay for denture/dental work, hearing aids, or eye glasses. Certain Civic agencies may be able to help. Call Kiwanis, Lions, Elks, Rotary and local churches.
  • The Welfare Department does not pay for internet, car payments, car repairs, car registrations, license renewals, drivers education, tuition, classes, lessons, credit card payments, or legal fees or fines.
  • If you are able to work, you will be required to look for work and keep a log of the places applied to as  proof you are looking for employment.
  • If you claim you cannot work, you need to provide a doctor's note stating you cannot work.
  • If you do not have requested documentation it will delay assistance until it is received and verified by this office.
  • A Notice of Decision shows the amount of assistance granted or denied, required referrals to other agencies, and what you need to do to receive assistance.
  • REPAYMENT TO THE TOWN: You are required to repay all assistance once your income increases.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Carrie Traffie Director (603) 878-2772 ext 418