Land Use Services Department

Land Use Services is the in-office support of the Assessing, Building, Code Enforcement, Conservation, Land Use, Planning and Zoning Functions.  Below are some resources to assist the many needs and questions you may have.

ASSESSMENT DATA: You can get Assessment data online, this is an online version of the tax cards for your property.  Links to forms and regulations can be found below, further information can be found at the ASSESSORS web page.

BUILDING PERMITS: You can enter, check status and pay for your permits online.  If you choose to do a paper permit, it will be entered within 5 business days.   If you have a question about permits, for instance, what is required or not required to have a permit, what are setbacks you need to be aware of, demolition, and many other questions can be answered by reading the Building Permit Application guide found on the Building Department web page.

DEEDS: You can get copies of deeds at the NH Deeds or the Hillsborough Registry of Deeds

FIREWORKS PERMITS:  You can get the form online, and you will need to bring to the Fire Chief (the number is on the form).  PLEASE NOTE: you need to submit 2 weeks prior to the event as it needs to be approved by various departments and then forwarded to you.  Make sure you include your phone number so we can let you know when it’s done.

PROPERTY FILE INFORMATION:  Please send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] and include what you are looking for, the property, and your contact information.

SEPTIC PLANS: Septic plans must be filed with the state at NH DES, if you are looking for records of installed systems the state is the first place to check.

WELLS: Well records can be found at NH DES, click here for instructions.





ASSESSORS Downloadable Applications and Regulations:

PLANNING BOARD Downloadable Applications and Regulations: